When I came across the inner heart teachings I was sceptical, but I was tired of the struggle and the losses and carrying the trauma. It was all just so hard. But learning about these simple teachings changed everything.

I had spent years looking into metaphysical occurrences and trying to make sense of the traumas I had experienced in my own life. I worked with guides, angels and energy all in an effort to access my purpose and to find peace. It took yet another personal loss in the form of my marriage ending, to wake me up to something bigger than me.

Stubborn as I am and severely resistant to change I powered through, holding on so tightly to what was then my truth and my reality. Shifting that paradigm took me many years. I  must be a slow learner. The most challenging part was the constant feeling of an identity or existential crises. I have since come to understand that these ‘crises’ are actually us (the ego and even what I have come to realise, our soul) wanting what it wants. This may even be something as ‘noble’ as peace for human kind or spiritual awakening for ourselves or others. This is not easy to break but it is possible, in fact even quite easy to slowly melt away layer by layer of these old stories, ideas and beliefs. The key? Not us, not even close. And not even our own desire or our own heart. Rather it is about relying on our direct connection with the creator (I suggest you use any terminology that resonates) and realising that connection to Source is the only thing that can bring us into a state of peace, love and joy.

So  what is this ‘inner heart’? As beautifully described by Irmansyah Effendi in his book, ‘The Real You Beyond Forms and Lives’:

“The inner heart is the spark of True Source (you can replace this term with God, creator or universe) and is the only part of our True Self that can recognise True Source’s Love. Without using the Inner Heart as director, all other parts of us including our soul will continue to function with limitations.”

Since discovering and practising the inner heart work, I have since had the blessing of witnessing many beyond beautiful moments of healing on physical, emotional and mental levels as well improvements in finances and business which of course are a passion of mine.

As I have learnt to rely on my heart and the blessing of connecting directly with Source as well as guiding many others in business every week to theirs, I cannot help but wonder what the world would be like if we all operated from that place of peace within

Deb xx