The Legacy Self forms the part of us that is deeply connected to the ever evolving world and our relationship with it. It is the ability to authentically and gracefully express ourselves through our projects, businesses and our causes in a way that is fully aligned with our unique values, talents and skills.

In this post we take a look at the Legacy Self on the natural levels of the Mind and Body.

MIND LEVEL – Personally

How we see things personally is a very subjective process, but what I’ve learned through my work is that for the majority of people their personal legacy is connected to their spirituality. It can be something religious, or it can be something meditative or connected to nature, mindfulness, or gratitude.

How is this then related to the mind level?

Intellectually we understand our connection to our place in the world through our beliefs – our legacy self is informed by whether we believe in a higher power or the lack of one. Which impacts our sense of purpose and by extension how we connect with others. Our spirituality informs how we nurture our relationships, and defines how we show up in the world, and how we see our place in it on both a macro and micro level. 

Ultimately, our understanding of our Legacy Self provides clarity in the chaos and the confusion of an ever changing world, so that we can live authentically. We are able to hold our true values so that they are congruent with who we are on a deeper level.

MIND LEVEL – Professionally

On a professional level our Legacy Self informs our decisions about how we connect in our professional relationships, and on what projects and causes we choose to focus on. Operating small, medium or large size businesses with the intention of creating commercial enterprises that have longevity. 

For some of us our businesses are something like a Dharma or a heart longing that feels like our reason, mission or purpose for us being here on the planet. We feel like we’re building materially or energetically a future for the next generation.  

Everything comes back to our relationship with self and the impact we believe we are meant to make. I see this in sustainability projects; people taking care of mother earth through different practices, such as; energy groups, prayer groups, Reiki groups, meditation practices, and yoga practices.  People are consciously (mind level) choosing activities that will uplift the planet energetically and have a lasting impact. 

Meditation Question: “What do I want to be known for 1000 years after I am gone?”


What are the things that we’re capable and not capable of? 

In our professional lives we have big dreams that are profound and meaningful, and when we bring those into the real world, the physical world, we immediately measure them against what we feel we are capable of. I see a lot of entrepreneurs that are really smart, really amazing, but they feel that they don’t have the technical skills or the educational credentials to achieve their big goals. Our capabilities can be holding us back.  Read more 5 signs it is NOT a limiting belief but a capability gap

We can have a lot of shame, guilt and embarrassment when we feel we are not capable. This is not a nice feeling. But, if we can just sit with that feeling and that space of knowingness and awareness, and witnessing, then we can actually say, ‘Okay, I’ve moved through the discomfort emotionally, and now I know that I need to go and learn what I need to, so that I can keep moving in the business or in the career path that I want.’ 


The world around us is evolving very quickly and we can feel a pressure to keep up and stay connected at all times in order to make an impact; to fulfill our purpose. A disconnect arises because we desire to live holistically, which means prioritising a connection with nature and time for restorative practices, but we feel this takes away from the ‘doing’ activities to reach their purpose. 

It comes down to self-awareness and noticing how we can connect our desire to ‘produce’ a legacy to our desire to live our purpose authentically. 

Take time to consciously explore your relationship to the world around you, sit with the meditation question and notice where you can make adjustments to realign with your authentic self.

Deb x

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