We’ve spent the last two blog posts delving into The Sexual Self. We’ve learned that, although at first glance, it may seem as though sexuality has nothing to do with how we show up in the business realm, in fact, it is the driving force behind our self confidence and creativity. How utterly confronting — and enlightening! — it is to realise this.

Please take a moment to acknowledge that to nurture and strengthen The Sexual Self is to rebel against a life-time of society — even family — induced shame and negativity. This can be disquieting work but it is profoundly important work. And it also helps us to model healthy examples for the girls,  young women and the boys and young men  in our lives, 

As always, please be sure to meditate, breathe and bring yourself into the space of the heart before embarking on self-enquiry.

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Tuning into the Sexual Self helps us to balance our desire for action and acceptance. This is an ability that can be utilised in all areas of business, life and love, allowing us to access a greater sense of harmony, professional success and personal fulfilment.

Are you able to differentiate between what your head (rational brain), heart (emotional brain) or gut (intuitive brain) are telling you? And can you use this information to connect with your sensuality, make wise decisions, learn from the past and avoid unhealthy patterning?

As with the previous two blogs in this series, we will examine our thoughts in response to the overarching notions that arise when we are undergoing various daily tasks such as choosing clothing, eating and exercise. This time, we will place a special focus on The Spirit. 

Please approach yourself with the gentle kindness you would extend to a dear friend. This line of self-enquiry is especially intimate, deeply personal and can shed light on areas we usually try to keep protected.

The goal is to find balance. To differentiate when it is in our best interests to ‘act’ and when it is in our best interests to ‘accept.’ Is your inclination to dye your hair a product of feeling like a raven-haired goddess afterwards, or are you bending to society’s double standard that demands women banish their greys while men like George Clooney are idolised for theirs? Conversely are you a happy hair colouring queen who feels more confident when she does colour her hair regardless of the expectations or trends on social media? 

Levels of Understanding

If you are familiar with my work, and in particular with my model of emotional self-inquiry The 6 Selves™,  you will know that there are three levels of understanding that inform connections to the self and how it manifests:

Level 1 – Intellect (Mind) – How we comprehend and make sense of the world around us 

Level 2 – Emotion (spirit) – How we physically feel the experience

Level 3  – Energetic (Spirit) – How we connect in to something greater than ourselves 

The Sexual Self – Spirit

In this post, we are looking at the Energetic (Spirit) and how this connects to the Sexual Self. Please ask yourself the following prompting questions. You will notice they are repetitive in nature. Please know they are designed this way to ignite deeper personal inquiry.

  1. How did my spirit feel as I chose my outfit today?
  2. How did my spirit feel when I chose the food I ate, or will eat, today?
  3. If you exercise regularly ask: How did my spirit feel when I exercised today?
  4. If you do not exercise regularly ask: How does my spirit feel when I consider the last time I exercised?
  5. How does my spirit usually feel when I dress to go out in a personal setting?
  6. How does my spirit usually feel when I dress to go out in a professional setting?
  7. How does my spirit usually feel when I am eating with friends or acquaintances?
  8. How does my spirit usually feel when I am eating with colleagues, team leaders or mentors in a professional setting?

The practice of gentle self-enquiry can expand our self-awareness and open possibilities in our personal and professional lives. I hope this exercise has revealed some avenues of further development. 

My next post will open a new exploration into The Spiritual Self with special focus on The Mind. 

Big Love, 

Deb x 

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