In my last blog post, I explained that the Spiritual Self forms the core basis of who we truly are. It goes to the existential query of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ 

For those who believe in reincarnation, it may help to ponder the essence of yourself which transcends space and time to live on again and again. It is the wise you, rather than the worldly you. The one that remains when all of the “noise” of this life is quietened.

As always when we embark upon self-enquiry, please be sure to meditate, breathe and bring yourself into the space of the heart.

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Tuning into the Spiritual Self is essential for those wishing to attain a profound sense of inner peace, and increased connection to all living things and the precious world around us.

Are you able to differentiate between what your head (rational brain), heart (emotional brain), or gut (intuitive brain) are telling you? And can you use this information to connect with your spirituality, make wise decisions, learn from the past, avoid unhealthy patterning, and even use that wisdom to grow your business?

In this blog post, we will examine The Spiritual Self with a special focus on The Body. We will examine our thoughts in response to the dominant notions that arise when we make space to ponder the bigger picture, where we fit within it, and our life’s purpose.

It is important to note before we delve into this particular aspect of self-inquiry, that attempting to separate The Spiritual Self from our earth-bound selves, and the various elements that make up our physical existence — family, relationships, career, hobbies, and our physical bodies — can, at first, be challenging.  So please sit back, relax and kindly ponder these journal questions.

The goal is to bypass our current concerns and connect with ourselves at a more elemental level. It asks us to consider when external factors — both within and beyond our control — are removed, what remains?

For example, are you able to separate who you are from what is happening to you? Are you able to distinguish the “pilot light” of who you are, rather than considering the entirety of your earth-bound self? 

Levels of Understanding

If you are familiar with my work, and in particular with my model of emotional self-inquiry The 6 Selves™,  you will know that there are three levels of understanding that inform connections to the self and how it manifests:

Level 1 – Intellect (Mind) – How we comprehend and make sense of the world around us 

Level 2 – Emotion (Body) – How we physically feel the experience

Level 3  – Energetic (Spirit) – How we connect in to something greater than ourselves 

The Spiritual Self – Body

In this post, we are looking at the Emotion (Body) and how this connects to the Spiritual Self. Please ask yourself the following prompting questions. You will notice they are repetitive in nature. Please know they are designed this way to ignite deeper personal inquiry.

  1. How does my body feel when I consider the bigger picture?
  2. How does my body feel when I consider why I am / why we are here on this planet?
  3. How does my body feel when I consider how my business / career expresses my reason for being here?
  4. When my business is doing well, how does my body feel when I consider myself and the world at large?
  5. When my business isn’t doing so well, how does my body feel when I consider myself and the world at large? 
  6. If I was to be fully present in every moment, how might my business transform?
  7. If I was more connected to my Spiritual Self, how might I show up differently in my business / career?
  8. If I was more connected to my Spiritual Self, how might I interact with family, friends and loved ones? 
  9. If I was more connected to my Spiritual Self, how might I interact with clients, referral, partners and collaborators / employers / colleagues etc?

This gentle method of self-enquiry is designed to open your thinking to consider yourself beyond the day-to-day hussle. Attaining increased awareness highlights a greater sense of purpose which inturn can enable more enjoyment and success. I hope you make space for this as the benefits can be meaningful and profound.

My next post will delve further into the Spiritual Self with regards to how it connects to the Energetic (Spirit) at a level three understanding. 

Big Love, 

Deb x 

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