In the last post we took a look at the Legacy Self on the natural levels of the Mind and Body.  Now let’s explore the Legacy Self on a Spiritual Level.


Our Legacy Self on a spiritual level is connected to our values, it is connected to our upbringing, our family of origin, and it’s asking you to examine, ‘What are the decisions that are going to be wise for your life?’.

You look at how you are maintaining respect for yourself and for the people around you. You look at where you have forward momentum in your career and your professional path. But you’re also at the same time, respecting everything in the system in terms of your own physical wellbeing, your mental wellbeing, and those around you.

On this level, our professional and personal lens are inextricably linked. 


I have been personally connected to spirituality since I was a very young girl, and this connection brings me a sense of knowing why I am here. Many of us have had some sense of this for themselves, but others are seeking to understand it. On a macro level we can look for this understanding through the learning about the Buddhist faith, about  ancient religions, or ancient civilizations.  And, on a micro level we can seek this understanding through practices that feel meditative. Like; breath work or yoga, walking, running or some sort of physical athletic. It comes down to the foundational piece, which is connection to self. 

For me this is through meditation. In my work I hold meditation sessions online twice a week that focus on bringing you back to that connection with your values, and what decisions are going to be wise for your life. It reconnects you to practicing self-compassion and compassion for others. 

You are noticing people on the journey of life, and you see how they, and you connect through kindness and compassion. This is a learning process. Many people have been quoted saying a form of the concept ‘Progress not perfection’. That is the goal here.  On a spiritual level we are continually learning to understand our Legacy Self.  

As we examine and gain an understanding of our Legacy Self we see how we can gain a deeper connection with our human circle; and how having the right people around us can lift and inspire us.  We gain clarity and a deeper connection with our purpose, increase our motivation to fulfill that purpose, improve our decision making capabilities and come to fully understand what it feels like to live our ‘why’.

Deb x

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